The Story...

    The idea of designing my own t-shirts began when I tried to find one that represented me and the LGBTQ community to which I belong. I was searching for a t-shirt that was age appropriate, had a cool design; with a strong message, soft, lightweight material, stylish,  etc..

More importantly, the message in the design had to speak directly to my lifestyle. I wanted a big bold statement, unapologetically showcaseing me & my community. I had to feel empowered and respected when I wore it!  The message would instantly be recognizable by the LGBTQ community. When noticed by the others, the message would have to be taken seriously.

I knew what I wanted to see and wear --- a t-shirt I could wear dressed up or dressed down. It had to be suitable for  dinner, casual enough for a ball game, and trendy enough for the club. Above all, when I wore the shirt, I had to feel special & proud & empowered & respected.

So I designed it! & the rest is a thought and a dream that came true.

So, I invite you to look around, and pick a design that will make you feel special & proud & empowered & respected and...